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Premium Resistance Bands Box Set - Home Gym Fitness Equipment

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Bring the gym to you Today with our Resistance Bands Box Set

Toss away that gym membership and dump that bulky bench from your basement, because now you can achieve the exact same results as you would using state of the art gym machinery and equipment.

Our complete compact , light weight, mobile bands allows you to perform an intense workout within the comfort of your home/office  or anywhere else for that matter.

No need to stress out about taking that long early morning journey to the gym in rush hour traffic before you start your day of work. Bring the gym to you today, We'll save you the time and money. No more late starts, late nights or hefty gym membership fees.. We got you covered!



11 Piece Set Includes
 - 5 Multi Weighted Resistance Bands 

- Each colored band has its own weight. 

Yellow 10lbs | Green 15lbs | Red 20lbs | Blue 25lbs | Black 30lbs  ( Use them all together for an intense heavy full-body workout or adjust them to suit your preferred weight of resistance.

- Extra Soft Durable Foam Handles x 2  ( No blisters or Chapped {Palms) 

- Secure Door Anchor x 1 (Attach it to any type of door)

- FREE BAG INCLUDED ( Jet Black 100% cotton\polyester  ) 

- Ankle Straps x 2 

- FREE Exercise Workout Programme Included

The rubber bands are made of NATURAL LATEX: 

With this set, you will simply become a true fitness enthusiast and easily master all movements required to build your dream body.

Check out our dedicated Benefits Section for more information on our Resistance Bands!



Easy Setup

- Set up in seconds.

- Choose an exercise from our complimentary workout guide and workout in complete confidence.


Safe & Effective

- Smooth glide, consistent resistance gives excellent results while minimizing any possible injury

• Suitable for Beginners & Professionals

• Designed to effectively target your entire body, lose fat, tone strengthen and build muscle mass.

• Made with the softest grips for a secure and comfortable grip.

• For individual use or group training.

• Elastics are are highly durable giving you that consistent resistance.

• Extremely light and compactable, you can take it anywhere.

• 100% Results Guaranteed 


"Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Today"



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